Sunday, August 14, 2011

Postcard from USA

A beautiful postcard (as usual) from dear Lynn. This postcard showed some snow and it was beautiful :) and the buffalo looked small in the picture but yeahh, it's big in a real life.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

USA used stamps

Hungary used stamp

Postcard from Hungary

Yuhuuuu, a beautiful postcard from Hungary. I loved the shape of the postcard, the awesome pictures on it, the stories Betty typed for me, and also the mint stamps. It's a perfect package, Betty :)

The cover

The postcard with many beautiful places in Hungary.

The mint stamps.

Thank you so much for this envelope, dear Betty :)

Italy used stamps

The Philippines used stamps

Postcards from Italia

Another section for postcards from Italy. Here are the postcards of Siracusa, Italy. :)

The cover :)

View from the airplane of Siracusa. Beautiful! :)

Greek theater in Siracusa

It's all about Siracusa

One of beautiful places in Siracusa

Cathedral square and Cathedral, Siracusa

Postcards from Italia

If you love Italy, you will love this section :) Yeahh, here I put some beautiful postcards from Milano, Italy :) Thank you so much to Segnor Gianni for sending me these awesome cards :)

The cover :)

Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II

The Cathedral. The combination of the love and roses and the Cathedral really define Italy for me. Perfect match!

Another view of Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II.

Love this card :) The Cathedral.

Milano di notte

Scala Theater

Gianni also put these fantastic stamps in the envelope. Love them so much!!!! :) Thanks again Gianni :)

Postcard from the Philippines

The map card of the Philippines. The Philippines is an archipelagic country (just like Indonesia :)). There are 7107 islands that are divided into three main groups; Luzon in the North, the Visayas in the middle and Mindanao in the South. Thanks Nelo :)

Postcard from the Philippines

The second postcard from Nelo. This one shows the SINULOG (dance) FESTIVAL. It is one of the largest and grandest annual festival in the Philippines, held every third Sunday of January. This festival held in Cebu City and everyone is invited :) Thanks Nelo.

Postcard from the Philippines

An awesome postcard sent to my home by Nelo of the Philippines. It's the longest underground river in the world that located in Palawan, the Philippines. Nelo said that this place has this kind of bad smell because of the bat poo but still this is one of the fantastic places in the world. Thanks Nelo :)

Germany used stamps

Postcard from Germany

I love mountains and traditional costumes! So that's what I fall in love with it. This is another card from Hanna. The kids are in Bavaria traditional costumes. Thank you so much Hanna :)

Postcard from Germany

If you like football, especially Germany football, I bet that you'll like this card. Allianz Arena, venue of the football 2006 world cup that can have 66.000 spectators. Lovely stadium and can feel the passion of watching football live from the arena. Thanks a bundle Hanna for sending me this card. :)

Postcard from Germany

Royal castle Neuschwanstein, an awesome castle that located in Munich. Lovely, isn't it? This is also from Hanna in Germany. Thanks a bunch Hanna :)

Postcard from Germany

This postcard sent to me by Hanna. Loved it so much. The buildings, the colourful roofs, the small people walking around the area, and even the small part of the tree. Loved every single picture on the postcard. Thanks Hanna :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Postcard from Germany

This awesome Olympic City in Munich was sent by Hanna. This place uses for skating, hiking, boating, and jogging. Besides that, rock concerts also takes place in this area. There is a rock museum there. Thanks Hanna for the postcard :)

Germany used stamps