Monday, June 27, 2011

Postcard from Finland

This is a multiview postcard from Finland. The card take a form of Finland flag with the blue lines but in every side there are pictures not just a blank white. I love the postcard and love the stamp as well. Thanks Helena for sending me this beautiful postcard of Finland. And yeah, Helena said that it's summer now in Finland that's why she sent me this postcard that shows us the amazing view of summer in Finland.

Postcard from USA

A unique postcard from Wautoma, Wisconsin. Love the combination of brown and black colours on the postcard. And the animals look cute. And I loveeeeee the colourful stamps put by J. Tills on the postcard. Thank you so much J :)

Postcard from India

Yeaah, Col. Akhil Kumar. I couldn't agree more that nothing better can represent your country than the beautiful, awesome and gorgeous Taj Mahal. This is one of the places that I wanna visit once I go the opportunity to travel the universe. Thanks so much and I love the stamps with the picture of Gandhi's clan. :)

Postcard from USA

Another postcard from dear Lynn of USA. Thanks so much for the flowery postcard. I love it so much. Oh yahh, Lynn got this postcard from the rock garden club that she belong to. Thanks again Lynn. Hopefully, we can always exchange some beautiful postcards. :D

Postcard from Brazil

Another postcard from Brazil :D. This postcard depicts the ST. Francisco Church, one of the main touristic points in Belo Horizonte. Thanks so much Hermelio. And yeaaayyy I love the stamps!!! :)

Postcard from France

I got this postcard from Nancy of France. On the postcard you can see the picture of traditional people and traditional houses. I really like the postcard and my mom love it even more since one of her dreams is to live in the village of Europe country. Thanks so much Nancy :)

Postcard from Brazil

Well, another beautiful postcard from dear Silvia of Brazil. Thanks so much for sending me this awesome card with a picture of a university in Panama State. I love it. And thanks for put more than one stamps. :)

postcard from Kyrgyzstan

A postcard from Kyrgyzstan. Yuhhuuu, love it so much. The picture on the postcard is Sarychelek Lake situated in Jalal-abad Province in Western Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to Anna for sending me this beautiful postcard. :)

Postcard from Mauritius

Yeayy!! Finally I got a postcard from Mauritius. The first time I got interested in this country when a stranger on the train strongly confident said that my mom was a Mauritian. Then, I started searching everything related to this country and yeah after the searching I got the reason why that person said so :)

Well, here is a lil story about Mauritius. Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2400 kilometres off the South East Coast of Africa. The island, which is of volcanic origin, covers an area of 1,865 square kilometres or 720 square miles. Coral reefs surround most of the coast except the south.

Anyway, thanks to David for sending me this exotic card. I love it so much and also many thanks for the beautiful stamp.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Postcard from Germany

Yeayy, I got my first postcard from Germany. Thanks Andreas!

Postcard from USA

Yeayyy, another snow scene postcard from Lynn. I love it so much Lynn and I love the stamps too. Thank you dear Lynn :)

Postcard from Russia

Amazing winter postcard from Russia. It's always something to receive a postcard with snow scene :) love it so much. Thanks Vasilisa.

Postcard from USA

A sunflower postcard from Stefunny of the USA. Sunflower is my favorite flower so far of my 24 years of age. So, thanks a bunch Stefunny :)

A card from the Netherlands

Thanks for the card and the nice thoughts Nikki :)

Postcard from China

Baiquan at Hui County. Thanks Luo Qi Jin :)