Friday, August 3, 2012

Postcard from China

I bet all of you know from which country this postcard came from! Hehehe. And yes yes yes, you are correct, friends. This postcard came from the one and only, People's Republic of China, the rising power in Asia. Well, this postcard shows us the official flag of that country. After searching some information on mbah google *sungkem*, I found out that the red field of the flag means the revolution of communist and the 4 small stars in semi circle with the one big star (all in gold) means the unity of Chinese people under one party, the Communist Party of China. Oh ya, the name of this flag in English is Five-Star Red Flag or in Chinese it is called wǔ xīng hóng qí. (please Do correct me if I put some wrong information :D). Anyway, this is an official postcrossing postcard from dos130. THANK YOU! :D

(Ayayayaa, I love the clear cancelation mark :D)
Nah, unfortunately besides the clear cancelation mark on the stamp, I can't put any information about this stamp as I (poorly) can't read Chinese. So, if you guys out there can read Chinese, PLEASE PLEASE Pretty PLEASE help me to translate the written words on the stamp into English or Indonesian at the comment column below. THANK YOU in advance. :D

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