Friday, August 3, 2012

Postcard from Ukraine

A lovely postcard from a sweet lil Bogdan in Ukraine. The story of me receiving this postcard started when I did put an additional note on my postcrossing profile that I would love to receive postcard or stamps related to Euro 2012. Bogdan messaged me said that he could send me a euro 2012 stamp along with a beautiful postcard. AND here it is what he sent me, a beautifully fantastic postcard showing us the Ukranian girl with lots of sun flowers (my favourite flower!).

And (yay!) the Euro 2012 stamp. Anyway, Ukrainian stamps is one of my favourites. The country definitely feeds my hunger of beautiful stamps :D. 

This kind of sweet gesture from dearly stangers (who many times live in the other sides of the world of yours) that makes me love postcrossing more and more and more every single day! :D So guys, if you love sending and receiving postcards (and you feel like you don't have more people to send yours to) you MUST joint in YOU GONNA LOVE IT as much as I'm or even more !!! 

Last but not least, to my fellow Indonesians: 
kalo kalian mau lebih seru lagi, kalian bisa join di Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia yang ada di FACEBOOK. Kalian bisa dapatkan (hampir) seluruh info yang kalian butuhkan terkait kirim-kiriman kartu pos atau surat dan tentunya TEMAN-TEMAN BARU yang super keren dan baik hati suka rajin menabung (buat beli postcards dan prangko yang buaaaanyaaaakkkk :p)...

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