Friday, August 3, 2012

Postcard from Ceska Repulika (Czech Republic)

Yaaay! Map postcard of Jizni Cechy (South Bohemia), a region in Czech Republic (republik Ceko).

Well, I always have this HUUUUUGGGEEE love for postcards depicted beautiful map. So, since the very beginning of being a postcrosser on the official, I always put map postcards as one of my favourites and will never ever delete it from the wishlist. Map postcards will always have a place on my profile (and in my heart *_^).

Now, you may ask a question why do I love map postcard that much? Well, I always love to read name of the cities (which really different with what I have here in Indonesia) showed on the postcards I received and with map postcards, I will have more than just one names. Moreover, most of the times, I will google *sungkemkembah* those places to find out some interesting facts about them or find out some interesting places to visit around the cities (who knows one day I will be there :D) and I also love to see whether I can find each name of the cities in the world map on my bedroom's wall. Hehehe... 

Anyway, let's talk more about this postcard especially about Jizni Cechy or South Bohemia. The location of this region is mostly in the Southern part of its historical land of Bohemia with a small part in  southwestern Moravia. It is a region that has rich and multi-faceted history so there you will find lots of historical towns full of life and culture, majestic Gothic churches, awesome Renaissance castles, monasteries and etc. Besides that, in South Bohemia region you can also find beautiful nature with lakes, ponds, pine forests and mountains. Well, if you need more information about this region, this link will help you a lot: :D

Taaaaadaaaa, look at this super duper cute stamps!!! They really made my day. Anyway, the cartoon stamps depicted the Jaroslav Nemecek's work of art. Nemecek (this man is quite famous in his country) has been drawing story of these characters for more than 40 years. It is about four friends from the village of Treskoprsky - Pinda the rabbit, Bobik the pig, Fifinka the missy dog and Myspulin the cat. :D

Finally, thank you very much for sending me this awesome map postcard and cute stamps, Stanislav!

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